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04 November 2014 @ 03:02 am
Chess - Revised Broadway Script  

Hi, all!

So, continuing the series of revisions I've been working on, here’s my take on the Broadway script. As with the last London revision, the goal here was to create a functional version of the Broadway script while still retaining the base core and structure of the original show.

This has been in the drafting process for a very long while, and at long last I think it’s in a fairly presentable state. I’m actually rather happy with how parts of this turned out- there are a couple scenes in Act II that I think are the best work I’ve done for this project- and of the scripts I’ve been working on thus far, this comes closest to what my ideal Chess would be like.

You can download the revised script here. As last time, appendices on alternate/changed lyrics, and alternate scenes and songs that didn’t make the final cut are included in the back.

Hope you all enjoy!

Click through the Read More for a song list/scene breakdown.

Act I:
Prologue: The home of Gregor Vassy

  • "Overture"

  • "The Story of Chess"

  • "Lullaby"

Scene 1: Lobby of the Bangkok Hilton Hotel

  • "Freddie’s Entrance"

  • "Press Conference"

Scene 2: Anatoly’s Hotel Suite

  • "Where I Want to Be"

Scene 3: Freddie’s Suite

  • "How Many Women"

Scene 4: The Chess Arena

  • "Merchandisers"

  • "U.S. vs. U.S.S.R."

Scene 5: The Arena

  • "Chess No. 1"

  • "Quartet"

Scene 6: Freddie’s Suite

  • "The American and Florence"

  • "Someone Else’s Story"

Scene 7: The Golden Mountain Cafe

  • "Mountain Duet"

Scene 8: Streets of Bangkok and the Arena

  • "One Night in Bangkok"

Scene 9: The Arena and a Bangkok Nightclub

  • "Story of Chess (Reprise)"

  • "Chess No. 2"

  • "Florence Quits"

  • "Nobody’s Side"

Scene 10: Underground Parking Square

  • "Defection"

Scene 11: Bangkok Airport

  • "Anatoly and the Press"

  • "Anthem"

Act II:
Prologue: Kennedy Airport, New York

  • "The Arbiter’s Song"

Scene 1: A Budapest Cathedral

  • "Hungarian Folk Song"

  • "Heaven Help My Heart"

Scene 2: Freddie’s Suite

  • "Winning"

Scene 3: A picnic by the Danube

  • "You and I"

Scene 4: Molokov’s Hotel Room

Scene 5: Outside the Arena

  • "Freddie Goes Metal"

Scene 6: Lobby of the Arena

  • "The Arbiter’s Song (Reprise)"

  • "Let’s Work Together"

Scene 7: An Elegant Restaurant

  • "I Know Him So Well"

Scene 8: Lobby of the Hotel

  • "Reconciliation"

  • "Pity the Child"

Scene 9: The meadow by the Danube

  • "Budapest Streets"

  • "Lullaby"

Scene 10: The Arena

  • "Endgame"

Scene 11: Outside the Budapest Airport

  • "You and I (Reprise)"

  • "Finale"